York Affinity YP9C Gas Furnace Reviews

York Affinity  systems are engineered to not only be very attractive and also provide excellent and efficient performance.  A new York system hit the market this year, the York Affinity YP9C  and it has won the Best Buy Award from Consumers Digest.

According to York, this furnace has Energy Star Qualified Efficiency and provides more heat for less money.  With a modulation design, it continually adjusts your heat levels to make sure your comfort is matched precisely.

In addition, this furnace has an integrated ClimaTrak System that will tailor its operation based on your location and it is known to be one of the quietest gas furnaces that York manufacturers.

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21 Responses to “York Affinity YP9C Gas Furnace Reviews”
  1. todd says:

    This furnace works great, i like the way it ramps up and down, the only thing that concerns me is how much this thing might be to fix

    • John says:

      10 year parts warranty, lifetime heat exchange warranty and York has been in the business for 135 years. They invented building air condition in the early 1900s. Enough said. Top quality and well worth the extra hundred dollars.

      Don’t fall for the knock offs they make over seas and re-brand here. You’d be very surprised what kind of “top quality” units are made by the lowest bidders overseas. Then sold under some very very common names in the HVAC world.

      Every piece of this York unit is built with the highest quality in mind and by York, in York, Pennsylvania…..not the lowest bidder who has the cheapest materials. When you knock on the unit, look inside, hear it run….you know this is a quality, built to last furnace.

      • Ro says:

        interesting. local dealer tells me the york system i could get from him is built in oklahoma.

        • Cliff says:

          Actually, I can tell you with 100% certainty that this furnace is made in Wichita Ks. All of York’s “Unitary” products are manufactured by Johnson Controls in 1 of 2 factories. Residential products are produced in Wichita Ks. All of York’s commercial rooftop units and condensing units are made in Norman Ok. They also make Coleman and Luxaire in these same facilities as well. The only difference in the 3 brands are the asthetics.

  2. John says:

    Love my system very quiet very efficient variable modulation .
    I know friends that paid several thousand more for a trane which baffles me.
    York has a great reputation and is designed and built very well.

  3. Jim says:

    I hate to break it to Todd but the cost to fix a York is HUGE. It’s hard to make a good rating on the 9Y furnace and 8T York air conditioner when it’s York’s air handler for these that has given us fits since the 2006 installation. We are now on our third blower motor. They cost $1,000/ea. to install. So much for “efficiency.” It also helps to hire a good service company, not one that simply replaces the motor and does NOT try to find out why it went bad. BTW. It’s the resistors in the motor modules that keep burning out. You would think Johnson Controls would have figured this out. And no, they do not stock this motor in “hot” Las Vegas. It must be shipped from Memphis at an additiona $50 overnight shipping charge. To add to the cost of repair, count on a minimum of two night stays in a hotel. Just hope you only experience problems while it’s under warrenty. Qualified York technicians are rare here in Vegas. Another $500 service call today to replace the blower’s squirel cage which was so out of round that it rattled the back screen door when running. REALLY, $500 for a squirel cage? I wonder who bent that? We will not replace another motor, we’ll install a complete new and different manufacturer’s system. (When we find a reliable company to do it)

    • Cliff says:

      Hi Jim,

      Just curious, when you motor is running on high (such as in the middle of summer on a hot day) does it sound like the motor is loping? (speeding up and slowing down quickly)

      • Jim says:

        No Loping that I recall, but thank you, now I’ll be listening more closely. The York is quieter than the original unit that came with this tract home. After further investigation by a more reputable service provider, we found the return air static pressure was 0.8 psi. York’s accepable range is 0.4 – 0.6. $500 to replumb and resize the return side brought it down to 0.58. We do not use the high-resistance, high MERV filters and all interior doors and registers are left open. We’re disappointed that the original installer in 2006 didn’t check all this, nor did any of the techs that installed subsequent new motors. It’s not enough to just replace a broken part, you MUST fix what made it break. I’ve heard from Johnson Controls that they are working on a programmed replacement module for the motor that can be stocked and won’t require replacment of the whole motor assembly when the module goes bad. Unfortunatley, the cost of the module represents the majority of the cost of the entire motor assembly. And, the replacement cost ($400 – $500) remains the same. Again, HUGE York replacement costs.

  4. toddy says:

    I love this furnace, I have had it about two years and love how quiet it is and the ten year warranty helps me steep at night. Love the way it comes on low at first.

  5. Ivan says:

    I love this furnace!
    A huge improvement and cost savings over the old behemoth we used to have. A very quiet and efficient furnace. We have it teamed with a York AC that also runs very quiet and efficiently. Plenty of cooling power for such a small unit.
    The only issue has been a defective air flow sensor which was replaced by the installer under warranty. It has been fine for the past full year since that part was changed. I would buy from York again!

  6. Jeannie says:

    I can not tell you how unhappy I am with this unit. It ran for one season and now I can not get it working again. I have had 4 parts replaced (yes on a new unit) and York is not being helpful at all. My technician told them we spent alot of money on this unit and should have better service and the york technician replied “oh if I only had a nickle for every time I heard that”. The unitl worked for one season and we have been trying to get it fixed for 6 weeks now and York does not seem to care that my family does not have heat. I thought I went with the best but here I sit. No heat !

  7. BP says:

    No problems with this unit since 2006!

  8. a daniels says:

    Does not work most of the winter. Never get up to temperature. Had nothing but problems every year. Never warm enough in the house. Always calling someone to come and fix it. Should have made them get the one we had ordered and not have settled for the dorky York.

  9. jennie says:

    This furnace has had multiple problems since it was installed. We are now having to have the main board replaced at a huge labor cost to us. I will not recommend York to anyone and will never purchase one again.

    • Joey says:

      Bad PCM boards ,and of course you can not talk directly with York tech support, I am a technician for 20 years and have to rely on tech support from the supply company I bought it from. I have installed 6 of the York modulating furnaces and have had problems with 5 of them. As a 20 year tech. I would not sell another York furnace. Oh by the way the supply company says the two stage York is bullet proof.but I won’t be taking there word for it . York has a problem with there furnaces……….

  10. Earl Sampson says:

    It sounds as if other people have had horrible A/C companies install their systems. I am on my second purchase in 25 years from York and this furnace is not only quiet but efficient. I am glad I have a great A/C company that made sure I had the 10 year warranty included even though I only needed it once, I didn’t have HUGE costs as one guy claims. It was under warranty, cost shouldn’t have mattered. I think most people don’t understand the importance of quality installation and service from their AC company. I highly recommend York as it has cooled and heated my family and friends for years without worries.

  11. D.D. says:

    A 7-year-long NIGHTMARE.
    What part has NOT been replaced, starting immediately after installation?
    It’s rusted out, has been for 6 1/2 years (we’ve had it 7 years).
    It is broken more often than it works – and we live in the NORTH.
    the air filter had to be disconnected soon after installation – but did we get a PENNY back? no.
    the humidifier also had to be disconnected. The “furnace”, if indeed that’s what that piece of crap is, when it works, takes ALL the water out of the air, leaving everything dry…..so we had to buy multiple portable units, all over the house, which just looks GREAT, as you can imagine.
    I want to sue them, and the installers. My husband says if he has to think about this thing all through a lawsuit, he’ll lose it or have a myocardial infarction – that is how horrible this ordeal, 7 years without heat, with repair people here every winter at least 5 times (the first year, and second year, it was almost every single day). I HATE YORK.

  12. Sara says:

    We did not buy the furnace – it was in the house when we bought two years ago – but the furnace is less than 5 years old and we have had nothing but trouble with it. Luckily we had the home waranty the first year, because within two months of moving in, the heat stopped working (mid-November in Ohio, not a good thing). They literally replaced almost every internal part trying to figure out what was wrong. Thought it was fixed… then again the following winter – same thing. Then last spring, the heat stopped working AGAIN and we now had a two month old baby at home… again, replaced a bunch of different parts, got it up and working… now here we are in October and yep, no heat AGAIN. Luckily we have renewed our home waranty each year to cover it, but what a pain!!!!

  13. NJB says:

    Have had nothing but problems with it. A 6 year old furnace and 6 flame sensors already. Cant get any satisfaction from the distributor or the installer. A nightmare when you have winter 6 months of the year. I would never buy a York furnace again or recommend one to anyone. It has cost me a lot of money for no satisfaction and certainly no peace of mind when you close the door and walk away. Not sure if the house will freeze up each time you leave in case the flame sensor dies on it. Worst purchase of my home owning experience.

  14. Big Joe Blow says:

    Had this since 2008…only problem has been a pressure switch. Furnace is quiet and keeps house nice and warm. Live in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada so a furnace is essential.

  15. 38 DDD says:

    I’ve had our York Affinity gas furnace installed in December 2010. No major problems or parts replaced so far. The only issue we’ve had is the internal condensate line, and the internal vacuum line, becoming clogged with dust or debris. These blockages caused the internal electronic sensors to shut off the burners until they were cleared. The technician used high pressure air to blow the condensate line clear (pretty standard procedure), and now I make sure they are checked annually. The other minor issue is that when the unit burners kick in, there is a momentary high frequency tone or “whine” that is audible, coming from the control motherboard. It isn’t really loud and doesn’t last more than a minute; it’s more of an annoyance and can only be heard when standing next to the unit.

    Which brings up the next point. All of these modern furnaces have very complex electronics loaded with computerized sensors that may react to any anomalies such as changes in condensate levels, air or vacuum pressure, valve positions, voltage, etc. These sensors can be finicky and will shut off heat until problems are corrected, as a safety measure. To minimize these problems, MAKE SURE TO HAVE AN ANNUAL TEST, CLEANING, AND OVERALL INSPECTION!!!! That is part of preventive maintenance and York will not honor warranties if you cannot prove that you maintain your furnace each year. It’s typically less than $130 (unless you live in CA) and well worth the money. Also be sure to CHANGE furnace filters frequently in the winter; at least MONTHLY. Don’t fall for that “three month filter” durability rating; in the winter change it MONTHLY.

    Make sure you get a reputable installer who’s been in the business for many years and has a long track record. Do not, repeat, do NOT allow a newbie technician to install these advanced furnaces. My installer was not the “brightest bulb on the tree” and I actually had to monitor the work to ensure it was done right. Even with all that, it took 10+ hours to install (including minor ductwork) and I sent him home before the fresh air intake pipe was installed (did that one myself). This was easy since I opted for the dual-concentric intake/exhaust fitting that is installed on the roof. Beneath the roof, it was a simple matter of running a PVC pipe from the intake fitting to the intake port of the furnace. I’m happy with the extreme efficiency of the York Affinity and it really delivers consistent heat. My gas bill fell immediately after the installation and seemed to even fall lower during the first year as the furnace “learned” the characteristics of the house ducting, air pressure, programmable thermostat settings, etc. It’s very quiet, even in the garage where it’s installed. I live in the Seattle area, which rarely falls below freezing.