Carrier Infinity 98 Gas Furnace Reviews

The Carrier Infinity series of gas furnaces has always been a favorite and leader in the market. 2011 marks the entry of a new Carrier Infinity 98, that is sure to leave a high mark on the wall of ratings!

According to Carrier, the furnace represents the Highest Efficiency, the Most Durable, and the Quietest Furnaces available from its lineup.

Do you own a Carrier infinity 98 Gas Furnace? If so, please write a review of your system, and tell us how you like it.

User Ratings for this Gas Furnace

Overall Rating3.
Reliability Rating3.
Operating Cost Rating3.753.753.753.753.75
Features & Value3.
Warranty & Support3.

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12 Responses to “Carrier Infinity 98 Gas Furnace Reviews”
  1. Jackie says:

    We left the reviews neutral on this furnace since we don’t actually own one yet. We got a price quote from our heating guy and they are pretty pricey to say the least. If you have one, please leave a review for us to read. Im sure many people are looking for reviews of these infinity 98 furnaces.


  2. Mark says:

    Jackie – we hope that if you get the furnace installed you come back and leave a review as well. Thanks for your comment.

  3. jim says:

    Had this infinity 98 furnace and matching infinity 2-ton 2-stage ac installed in sept.-2011, only used the ac 3 weeks and worked great, I have used the heat for a month now and my first gas bill was $43 thats only $15 more than I pay for the hot water and stove. I used to pay $400 a month to run my gas steam boiler so if I can stay under $200 a month that would be great. The furnace is quiet cant even hear it run on low setting. Very pricey install , but very intuitive control on the infinity controller, has many different settings and adjustments.The furnace seems to a gas miser so far the gas meter barely moves with the furnace running on low stage.

  4. Mark says:

    Jim – Thanks for the great review of this Carrier Infinity 98. I’m sure you’ll find over time that the cost of running the unit will pay off the pricey install. Carrier makes some great products and this new Infinity unit is a welcome addition to their lineup for sure.

    Thanks again, Mark

    • jim says:

      Thanks Mark, I have only had this infinity 98 furnace and a/c since sept. 2011, the company that installed it total temp. control, from Wakefield, MA, said this would be my best choice for going green, and saving some green in the long haul. I wanted reliable long lasting equipment and carrier had the best warranty and features. A reliable installer and reliable equipment is the key to longevity in these systems, after researching many brands and quotes from a dozen contractors I felt this was the way to go, since I had no ductwork, and switching from steam, it was a very involved installation, but the contactor delivered a very nice install. Its great to find a contractor willing to put a new system in a very old home and make it look like its been there from the beginning. I hope this helps a few furnace and a/c shoppers and good luck with your reviews!

  5. Al Ragazzo says:

    I just had this furnace installed. The cost from A Johnson in Saratoga was $4,300 installed. I was able to finance it through the New York State, NYSERDA, Green Home – Green Jobs program. The monthly cost is $30.00 per month over 15 years at 3.9% with a 10% rebate that included having my duct work insulated to achieve the monthly savings in energy that should offset the cost of the furnace. Since my house if well built and insulated I may fall under the amount but I needed a new furnace and to get the credit I had to reach a high level of energy savings to qualify. The fact that this furnace is used as the one to reach that level of energy saving it a great testimony. The cheapest furnace install would have been a 2 stage 90% model for around $3,400. So far the furnace works great. At the lower speeds you can not hear it, it is very quiet and runs smoothly. It has been very cold 3 degrees here in upstate NY and when it moves up to full blast there is some noise as it pushes to satisfy the heating demand. It then modulates down once it has met the demand and is almost silent again. This furnace fan runs constantly and a very low speed and circulated the air. I have noticed that the temperature stays constant and the we no longer have periods when the house feels cold or too hot.
    With the older single stage furnace it was on or off and we had some rooms that over heated and then would be cold. We have a single thermostat in the hall so that was the way it worked.
    So far we are very happy with the new furnace.

  6. Mark says:

    Installed the infinity in a 3500+ sq ft house multi-level home. Added 3 zone controls and combined cold air returns. When not cycling all zones opened and blower ran on low speed. The first thing I noticed is my cold basement became with 1 degree of the upper level both summer and winter. My heating bill dropped in less then half even after added a 2048 sq ft addition. The only issue I ever had with the unit was within the first week after install it errored out because the PVC exhaust tubing was not installed properly and it fill with water instead of draining. I would highly recommend this furnace, even though it is a little pricey…it will pay for itself. Mark

  7. Jacob Schott says:

    Carrier Infinity 96 gas furnace installed September 2004. Poor installation, multiple problems due to dealer being unfamiliar with the unit. In 2011 original dealer- no longer a Carrier authorized station- advised to change to a new furnace supposedly because of Carrier inferiority. Recommended a new thermostat for $600.00 for starters. Said I would think about it. Contacted an authorized Carrier dealer who diagnosed our problem with a loose connection and fixed problem under $200.00. Thermostat was fine. Since then problems with A/C and other things always corrected promptly.

    Latest problem 6October 2012 faulty inducer motor-$800.00- causing system to shut down. Contacted Carrier Corporation who were happy to tell motor out of warranty( 5 years ) but if I had bought the Infinity unit in 2009 it would come with a 10 year guarantee. Just pray that the helicopters they supply to military and folks in D.C. have better motors than one in our unit.

  8. Charles Eva says:

    *!*!*BUYER BEWARE*!*!* I was convinced to buy the Carrier Infinity 96 primarily because of the DC fan motor and the savings on the energy to run the fan and paid a premium, thinking I was buying the best…. Boy was I wrong!

    Shortly after the warrenty ran out on my Carrier Infinity 96, Model # 58MVB100, it started to give me problems. I am in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and I had to call the repair guy on the 24th of December with the temperature outside at -25 celcius plus wind chill. Service guy was great but after testing confirmed that he had to replace the DC fan motor. The cost of the motor was $1100 plus install and taxes for a total of over $1350 on Christmas Eve!!! Merry Christmas from Carrier.

    It absolutely blows me away that such a significant part on a piece of equipment can fail so soon after the warrenty ends and the manufaturer could care less. This was about 1/3 of the cost of the furnace.

    So after 5 years of saving a few bucks a year on the energy consumed by the DC fan motor, (a generous guess based on our hydro costs would be about $100 total) I have to spend $1350 in maintainance… WOW not much of a savings! In fact this sounds like a SCAM!!

    If anyone else has experienced anything similar problems with the DC fan motor, please let me know by replying to this post.

    • Teresa says:

      We bought the highest model the infinity 98 in late November 2014. It broke down one week later. The technician had to come in. Now, at the beginning of January, it has broken down 3 times in the span of two days. We had to re-set it 3 times! This is a brand new furnace, that is just a little over 1 month old! I should have bought the lowest model, that has the one stage thing instead, because it is tried and true, and has been around for a long time. The technicians all say that this model has a lot of extra things, and most people are not trained on this type of model. I am very disappointed and saddened that Carrier has this high end model, that has stopped working for us a few times already. I am very concerned. What is going to happen in the next ten years? The people who installed it have a one year warranty, and then we will have to pay. We bought Carrier because of the name, and the owner of the installation place suggested that we get the highest Carrier model for just a few hundred dollars more, because it was the most efficient. Given that all of the models are high efficiency, I think that we should have just gone with the least efficient, most basic one stage model, instead of the fancier, most efficient, and higher end model. We would have gotten more power in the one stage model too, which is really what I ultimately care about in the end. I am so worried that we will have this problem for the next year. The furnace seems quirky, particularly around putting the fan on, instead of on auto, and shuts down. I wish that someone from Carrier could talk to me, and help our family out, and change models so that we can have a model that has been around for a really long time, and is less fancy. Perhaps we have a “lemon” of a model, just as one can get with a brand new car. I don’t know? However, I really wish that I knew then what I know now, because I would have bought the one stage High Efficiency Carrier model, even though it is louder than all of the other models. It has the most power output (100 vs 80), and has only one stage, which means that it has less electronic things that can go wrong. The owner of the company that sold us the furnace, didn’t seem to believe us when we called a week after the furnace was installed, to tell him that it wasn’t working. He said that it is a new furnace, of course it works! He said that people often call when they get that model, because you cannot feel the air coming out of the vent, even though it is working. But, I have noticed that you do feel the air coming out of the vent when it is working, and you can feel it in stages. It is not like to one stage models where you feel a gush of hot air coming out though. Notwithstanding all of that, we told him that we set our furnace high, and the temp keeps going down, and the furnace was cold, and the vents were cold. The technician came in one week after we had this infinity 98 installed, and told us that this new model has a lot of little electronic things that could be adjusted, and most technicians don’t even know how to work or fix this model. Now there is a technician at our house Jan 8 2014, because our furnace stopped working last night, then my husband re-set it, and it stopped working at 5 am this morning, then my husband re-set it again, and it stopped working again at 11 am today. Something is very wrong with this furnace! It is new! Please help!

      • Teresa says:

        Actually I wrote down that it broke down again in Jan 8 2014…but it is January 8 2015. We had it installed late November 2014, it broke down one week later, and then again just one week over one month later Jan 2015.

        • Valerie says:

          I am currently reading materials on the Infinity 96 and 98 and appreciate your insight I am having a new system with ductwork installed replacing a 60-year-old boiler system so this is a big investment for me.