RUUD Ultra Achiever Gas Furnace Review

Ultra Achiever furnaces from Ruud feature AFUE efficiency ratings that qualify them for the Energy Star symbol. Many are also eligible for a $1500 federal tax rebate when you install one in your primary residence.

In this Gas Furnace Review, we want you to tell us your Review of the RUUD Ultra Achiever Gas Furnace.

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Overall Rating55555
Reliability Rating55555
Operating Cost Rating55555
Features & Value55555
Warranty & Support55555

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2 Responses to “RUUD Ultra Achiever Gas Furnace Review”
  1. Tony says:

    We just had a Ruud Achiever system installed and LOVE IT! Its so much quieter than our old GE furnace and the air seems to whisper out of our vents versus sounding like a leaf blower!

    5/5 LOVE this gas furnace!

  2. Lynda says:

    I like the idea that by combining the two syestms together, homeowners are able to reduce their HEATING bills . However, I’m being told that the newer 2-stage 16+ SEER heat pumps are not ideal for zoning. More importantly most contractors in my area are not enthused when I tell them I prefer 3 or 4 zones and give all sorts of reasons why I would have problems with static pressure or something else. So I’m looking for innovative solutions to suggest to them to overcome their reluctance. I have a 3000 sq ft ranch with 3 bedrooms downstairs and one bedroom over the garage, plus family room (adjacent to garage), living room, kitchen, dining and sunroom in the middle. I have heard about modulating bypass dampers could this be one solution. Thanks for your assistance. henry.